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Live At The Brew Yard

We’re excited to announce the opening of the Brew Yard at Railers Tavern, our beer garden built in collaboration with Wachusett Brewing Company. With Wachusett’s Airstream Trailer serving as our outdoor bar, guests can enjoy lawn games, live music, and our full menu!

Live Music Schedule:
7/1 Penny Surfer (2–5pm)
7/6 Hipswayers (8–11pm)
7/7 Fellowship of the King (Elvis Tribute / 8–11pm)
7/8 Ugly Girl Band (1–4pm)
7/13 Dezi Garcia (8–11pm)
7/14 James Keyes (8–11pm)
7/15 Way Up South (1–4pm)
7/19 Booty and the Jett (8–11pm)
7/20 Matt Soper (8–11pm)
7/22 Penny Surfer (2–5pm)
7/27 Hot Letter Duo (8–11pm)
7/28 Sun Jones (8–11pm)
7/29 Jesse and His Ghosts (1–4pm)
8/2 Matt Soper (8–11pm)
8/3 A Good Time (8–11pm)
8/4 Hot Letter Band (8–11pm)
8/5 Sunlea (1–4pm)
8/9 Booty and the Jett (8–11pm)
8/10 Dezi Garcia (8–11pm)
8/11 Heirloom Seeds with Lady Lee (8–11pm)
8/12 Penny Surfer (12–3pm)
8/17 Gracie Day (8–11pm)
8/18 Secret Sage (8–11pm)
8/19 Hit the Bus (2–5pm)
8/23 Matt Brodeur Trio (8–11pm)
8/24 A Good Time (8–11pm)
8/26 Brumbletones (1–4pm)
8/30 Luke DeRoy (8–11pm)