Bocado Tapas Wine Bar

Mezcal Tequila Cantina

Rye & Thyme American Tavern

Steam Energy Cafe

The Fix Burger Bar

Seasoned tastemakers

Niche Hospitality Group creates restaurants that have specific appeal and strong identities with signature food and beverage items. We develop food, wine and cocktail menus that are not only specific to a concept, but are unsurpassed in quality and selection. We use these menu items, our atmosphere, our commitment to service and most importantly, enlightened hospitality, to deliver a memorable experience. At Niche we believe there are several crucial points that distinguish a successful restaurant and bar, none more or less important than the others, and all contributing to the reputation. Hospitality, at its very core, is a combination of these crucial points. Our commitment to these standards of hospitality allows us to produce the restaurants of choice for our guests. 

test kitchen

Our Test Kitchen wears a few different hats. It functions as a commissary, a place for our chefs
to collaborate on recipes and occasionlly we throw some pretty great parties.
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