Three Reasons Why I Love Working for Niche Hospitality Group

Three reasons why I love working for Niche Hospitality Group.

The People
As an employee of Niche Hospitality Group for the past eight years, I can say without a doubt that my favorite part of working for the company is the people. The four owners, Mike Covino, Mike DesRosiers, Steve Champagne, and Dave Green, have worked tirelessly to build the success of each restaurant on teamwork. Each role in the restaurant is crucial to delivering a memorable hospitality experience. This is recognized every year when we close all of our locations on Super Bowl Sunday. This allows every Niche Hospitality Group employee to gather in one place and celebrate each other’s successes. It’s their dedication to creating synergy as a company that inspires me to continually push myself to be a team player.

The Food
From the moment I took a bite of Bocado’s Fried Goat Cheese I knew I was going to love my job. Niche’s chefs are always pushing my pallete out its comfort zone and leading me to discover new favorites. Whether it’s slow roasted goat at Bocado, a BBQ Duck Quesadilla at Mezcal, Oysters on the Half Shell at Rye & Thyme, a burger topped with foie gras at The Fix, or Soft Shell Crabs at The Citizen. These are dishes I would never think to order on my own, but learned I absolutely love.

Playing a Key Role in Special Occasions
Being able to play a key role in our guests’ special occasions has provided me with some incredible memories. I will never forget the nerves I felt delivering a dessert containing an engagement ring to a table. Every possible scenario where I dropped or lost the ring ran through my mind. However, the sheer joy of the moment that I got to play a part in has stayed with me long after.

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