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The Fix Burger Card is Back!

This year we will be selling two levels of membership: A One Burger a Week Card for $229 or a One Burger A Day Card for $429! To buy a card you must enter an in-store Lottery that will be running from Saturday, August 11th to Thursday, August 16th! There will be a Lottery for each level of membership. You can only enter one Lottery once a day.

There will be a table with entry slips set up by the entrance and you will have to give your slip to the hostess. You must notify the hostess which Level Of Membership Lottery you would like your entry to go in.
The winners who will be able to buy cards will be notified by push notification on the Fix Burger Bar App by Tuesday, August 21st. You MUST download our App and have your push notifications on to be notified if you won.

*Guests will only win the chance to buy ONE card from ONE level of membership.*