HaCked By Red_Casper

[+] A Message To All People [+]

Muslims Are not terrorists, Thousands of innocent people was killed in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN by America's Army.

America supports killers like Al-Sisi in Egypt who rules by a military coup and kills students and women everyday (where is your faith in democracy ?!! )

America said it will fight for freedom of the world, So why they don't fight Bashar Al-Asad in SYRIA who killed 2 millions ??!!

Don't blame ISIS, they suffered in America's prisons in Iraq like Abu-Gharib. They see Israel and Bashar Al-Asad kill Muslim children everyday, WHAT shall they do?!! We all will support Muslim Fighters everywhere for our dignity and freedom, for our children and momen .. And We WILL WIN !!

! Islamic Khilafa is coming !